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Dragonfly Education Tutoring Terms of Service

1. TERM:  This agreement shall be renewed annually unless notice of cancellation is given in writing.

2. TUTORS:  It is understood that Dragonfly Education (Dragonfly) will do all it can to find a suitable tutor in a reasonable time as defined by Dragonfly.  Tutor availability varies depending on the season, subject, type of tutor requested, and family/tutor calendars.  All tutors are screened and qualified. It is mandated that all tutors file a criminal background check and provide Dragonfly with original documentation.  Any concerns that a family may have with a tutor match should be shared and discussed with Dragonfly to allow the opportunity for resolution.

3. SESSIONS & RESCHEDULING: Tutoring sessions are a minimum of one hour.  You must contact your tutor or Dragonfly for cancellations.  A parent or guardian is required for notification to cancel sessions for students under eighteen (18) years of age.  We require a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice to cancel a session.  One session will be deducted from the client’s account if insufficient notice is provided.  If a tutor is contacted for education support outside of a scheduled tutoring session, the client’s account will be billed for the tutor’s time spent in 15-minute increments.

4. GUARDIAN:  A chaperone such as a parent, legal guardian, etc., defined as a person at least eighteen (18) years of age, must be present during each tutoring session with any minor, defined as any student under the age of eighteen (18) years of age.

5. AGREEMENT COMMENCEMENT:  This agreement will commence on the date of signatures or on the first meeting/session with a Dragonfly tutor provided by Dragonfly.  It is understood that tutoring sessions may be postponed until one month’s payment has cleared.

6. SOLICITATION OF DRAGONFLY TUTORS:  Dragonfly spends a lot of time and resources recruiting the very best tutors.  Tutors are contracted through Dragonfly and have agreed, in writing that they are not allowed to accept direct employment or referrals from Dragonfly Clients.  Solicitation of services with a Dragonfly tutor, except through Dragonfly, may result in legal action and damages against you and/or the tutor.  

7. TUTOR REPLACEMENT:  Parents, Guardians, and Mature students may request a change of tutors.  A waiting period may be necessary as a new match must occur.  It is understood that Dragonfly may need to replace tutors on occasion and may do so if necessary.

8. TRANSFERABLE SERVICE:  Hours are transferable to alternate tutors for alternate subjects as deemed necessary.  Parents, Guardians, and Mature students can reserve hours, place tutoring on hold for alternate courses, or transfer them to other immediate family members as long as proper notice has been given.  Payment plans must be completed as agreed, however, hours owed to the client will not expire for a period of one year from the contract signature date.  At one year from the contract signature date, any outstanding hours that have not been used will be forfeited and added to our scholarship fund for underprivileged children.