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#1 Foreign Language Tutor in Lafayette, CO

Foreign language credits are more important than ever as they’re one of the requirements for entrance into most universities. Many schools are now structuring their foreign language courses so that students are required to respond to audible questions versus the traditional multiple choice exam.

Foreign Language Tutoring in Lafayette, CO

If you are looking for a professional foreign language tutor in Lafayette, CO you’ve come to the right place. Language classes at any school can be difficult. Dragonfly will provide you with a fluent speaking and experienced tutor to help you improve your reading, writing and speaking skills in a number of foreign languages! Our personalized ESL tutoring programs in Lafayette, CO can be customized to meet your needs and requirements and our one-on-one sessions are designed to give you the best opportunity to succeed.

Our most requested foreign languages are:

    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • Mandarin

Our Foreign Language Tutoring Program in Lafayette, CO includes:

    • Verbal and Written Communication
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Grammar and Punctuation
    • Vocabulary and Spelling

Every foreign language learning journey looks the same in the beginning. It starts with nervousness and anticipation, expecting for it to be an overwhelming, stress-inducing process. The early learning stage is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of learning a foreign language. With the help of an in-home foreign language tutor in Lafayette, CO, we simplify the process for the student making it easier for them to learn.

    How Does In-Home Foreign Language Tutoring in Lafayette, CO Work?

    Foreign language tutoring can provide a number of benefits for your child. Not only is it a fun skill to learn, but as the world becomes more connected on a global scale, it is quickly becoming a necessity to speak more than one language. This is one area where American students tend to fall behind. This puts them at a disadvantage academically, but it also has an impact on their future. When your child becomes an adult and enters the workforce, knowing a second language that is in demand and frequently used will help them secure more pay and better positions. 

    Luckily, our high-quality foreign language tutors in Lafayette, CO are here to help your child boost their language skills to proficiency.

    At DragonFly Education, we offer an easy sign-up process, reasonable rates, and more importantly, one-to-one tutoring in the comfort of your own home. This maximizes our tutors’ ability to focus on your child, and it prevents distractions that your child would deal with in other settings. 

    To join our program, simply fill out an online application form. This is not an official entry into the program, but it gives us vital information about your child’s needs and the scheduling system that you’re working with. Then, our representative will contact you to officially sign up and start your child’s tutoring lessons. 

    Once that’s done, all you have to do is ensure that you and your child are home when it is time for your scheduled tutoring appointment. Our tutor will arrive at your house on time, immediately get to work teaching your child and maximize the effectiveness of each session to ensure your child learns quickly. 

    The only thing you have to worry about is ensuring that you’re at home at your scheduled tutoring appointments to avoid our tutors from arriving and being unable to perform their duties.

    How Does One-to-One Tutoring in Lafayette, CO Benefit You?

    One-to-one tutoring is several steps above the group-tutoring programs you’re probably used to. In a group-tutoring program, your child is in a classroom setting or something similar, and there are countless distractions. It can also be uncomfortable, and the tutors aren’t able to focus 100% on your child’s learning abilities. 

    With Dragonfly Education’s one-to-one tutoring program, those problems are solved. Tutoring takes place in the comfort of your home. With just the tutor and your child working toward your child’s goals, the student can receive far more focused attention, and the program can bend to meet their needs. 

    This is key to learning quickly, thoroughly, and in an engaging way.

    Why Choose DragonFly Education for Foreign Language Tutoring in Lafayette, CO

    Choosing a tutor for your student is an important decision. Some services simply won’t provide a comprehensive program that meets your student’s needs. 

    At Dragonfly Education, we aim to provide the most comprehensive foreign language tutoring services possible in Lafayette, CO. 

    We offer one-to-one tutoring in a large variety of subjects, and the program is done in your own home. This does wonders for a student’s comfort level and ability to focus, and our tutors put 100% of their focus on your student’s learning. 

    If you have a student that want to excel in foreign languages, contact the #1 foreign language tutors in Lafayette today and schedule your lesson!




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