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English as a Second Language – ESL Tutoring in Boulder, CO

We’re providing support for English learners

through comprehensive ESL tutoring in Boulder, CO.

The United States is one of the most varied cosmopolitan countries on the planet. While English is clearly the first language, it is spoken by more and more people whose FIRST language is not English. And more people arrive every day to enrich the diversity of our country. Dragonfly has a special role to play in helping recent arrivals to develop their English skills. Through our tailored one-to-one ESL tutoring approach, we have helped many children and adults acquire English language skills quickly.

We Help Students With:

    • Verbal and Written Communication
    • Reading and Comprehension
    • Grammar and Punctuation
    • Vocabulary and Spelling

Our private ESL tutors in Boulder, CO work to improve each student’s reading and writing skills, while also working to hone a student’s speaking and listening skills, enhancing their understanding in the classroom and increasing their chance for success in their academic studies. In addition, they try to provide a level of cultural understanding that will make the student comfortable participating in life at school and more broadly in American society.