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 At Dragonfly Education, we can connect you with an expert SAT instructor who will work directly with you to help you effectively prepare for your upcoming test. We have assisted many students in their preparation for the SAT and the New SAT. Our SAT Prep program can prepare you for your test using multiple education tools with our tutors. 

SAT Test Prep In Person & Online in Boulder, CO  

You may work directly with a top-notch SAT instructor at Dragonfly Education who can assist you in effectively preparing for the SAT Test in Boulder, CO. There are now three sections on the redesigned SAT: Mathematics, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing. Students all around the country struggle with different SAT exam sections. We will ensure that your student not only is knowledgeable and prepared, but also confident when taking the test!

The new SAT exam has four main sections: SAT Reading, SAT Writing/Language, SAT Essay, and SAT Math. We pride ourselves on the ability to help you anytime & anywhere. With our SAT prep options, tutoring is much easier to attend and schedule on days where you find yourself busier than most. Whether it be online or face to face, our tutors will make sure to readily prepare you or your student for all the obstacles that might be faced on this test.

Our SAT prep tutors in Boulder, CO provide support with:

  • SAT curriculum
  • SAT practice tests
  • SAT programs and much more

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