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Lu Wright

“Amazing tutors! Made a great connection with my child. Not only supported their academic work but probably more important helped them develop study and organizational skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.”

Karen Cooper

“I love receiving a detailed report after the tutoring is over. It helps me determine the learning my 15 year old son is doing. He’s not very forthcoming in the details on anything. It’s nice to see the report and know he is learning what he needs to learn. Many of my friends are looking for local in person tutors for their kids because they cannot get that at their school.”

Charlotte Landvik

Lili is smart, patient, confident and articulate in her explanations. I love that she shows my daughter that she, too, has to work through the problems step-by-step, and that it isn’t just about knowing the answer right away. She is very encouraging and supportive.

Camille Fowles

“I have had great interactions with the Tutor Doctor owner, our tutor is fantastic, and I like the flexibility of how we can use the hours purchased.”

Jonnie Handley

Great support for our child’s educational challenges before and now during this pandemic time. Just recommended to a friend for her family’s need and for referrals for her professional speech language pathologist work.

Emily Andrews

“We have had excellent results with the tutor provided by Tutor Doctor. She is outstanding. Thank you so very much!! We are so grateful.”

Jill Lowitz

“The tutors that have been provided to my children have been great and exceeded all expectations”

Stephanie Stiver

Very educated tutors and very friendly as well as flexible.

Amy Nichols

Options to find the right tutor for each student. Great tutors and highly qualified!

Peggy Austin

“We appreciate the effort to match students and tutors on certain criteria. We also like receiving the written report after each tutoring session.”

Jamee Freedman

With crazy high school schedules – school and sports – it’s been very helpful having a tutor come to the house. The quality of tutors was excellent.

Emma McCarty

Very convenient to have the tutors come to our home. Tutors are personable, knowledgeable and great teachers.

Tammy Osborne

“Megan is great. Very knowledgeable in math and chemistry and able to help my daughter.”

Kivanc Ozer

Matching student with the right tutor Lesson reports and we like the tutor

Jolene Vance

Timely response, great communication, flexible schedules of tutors.

Lori Dulberg

“I would have liked to talk with a few tutors before choosing one. I know the subject area I was looking for had limited tutors but more choices would have been great.”

Vicki Discenza

Our sons tutor Nick, is always right on time, he’s professional, and dedicated to improving our sons understanding of Algebra 2. Our son feels Nick is “cool and understanding.” Our son’s grade has improved as has his overall understanding of the subject, he went from a low D to a high B.”

Erika Ericksen

I love that you come to the house and are able to fit our schedule. You did a good job matching my daughter with a tutor who works really well with her.

Jie Mao

“Having a tutor come to the house is not only convenient, it was a score saver, so as to speak, and a sanity saver for our family. Tutoring Doctor does a great job matching tutor to your needs. Tutors are patient and kind. Highly recommended for any family that need a little academic help for their little ones.”

Elise DeGeorge

That you tried to make a match based on my kid’s characteristics, and that we got to try more than once. But if we didn’t find a match, there was a way out. I also like the weekly reports.

Wendy Dubow

While our first tutor match was not a good match, our second one has been fantastic. We have an amazing tutor who is attentive to my daughter, caring and patient. She provides excellent studying tips, a growth mindset, and personalized encouragement. Could not be happier.

Derek Kidd

“Tutor is top notch – a great match for our daughter. She comes prepared with a plan and goals, works with our daughter to make sure she understands the concepts. Challenges her on these and then ties them in to real life. My daughter is excited when she shows up.”

Jane Beal

Working with David was great. He connected well with my son and was very flexible to his needs whether it was tutoring Physics or Chemistry.

Melissa Eakman

Tutor Doctor did all the leg work and delivered a perfect fit, quality tutor the first time. We adore our tutor, she makes learning fun. We have continued to use her services for both our daughters through the school year and into the summer.

Nina Mooney

“I like how you found a tutor who is compatible with my son. I also like that the tutor is able to help with more than one subject.”

Ann Peyok

Tutor Doctor provided a great match for my daughter! Also, they were flexible when adding hours. We are very grateful we used Tutor Doctor. Thank you!

Heidi Christie

We are very happy with our new replacement tutor Rachel. She and my daughter really hit it off.

Valerie Foster

“The tutor, Kristina, is wonderful: professional, knowledgable, kind, all around great! Our son passed his Spanish class, which was a graduation requirement, thanks in part to Kristina’s help!!”

Lilah Nowick

I really like your professionalism and the tutor for my son, Jonathan, was excellent in helping my son succeed in his Advanced Algebra class. Thanks so much, and I look forward to continuing to work with Tutor Doctor!

Cheryl Skebe

We really like the tutor we now have – Jonathan Fish – he’s just great. And John Rogers has been extremely helpful and efficient.

Heather Ray

“So far, everything seems very professional. We love the feedback emails and how goal-oriented yet flexible and caring the tutor seems to be.”

Laura Myers-Wagner

Fast response. One on one. You get materials to keep. Our tutor is smart and keeps our student accountable for each session. Great progress. Positive relationship encouraging and building our student’s confidence.

Dwight Debroux

Friendly, flexible in home service that my son enjoys. It’s great to see how proud he is when he understands something new.