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Do you have a dream college in mind?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd of applicants?

Do you want to impress the admissions officers?

Do you want to increase your chances of getting scholarships and financial aid?

Test Prep Tutoring

If you’re a high school student who wants to go to college, you probably know that you need to take the SAT® or ACT. These standardized tests measure your academic skills and readiness for college. They’re used by most colleges and universities in the US as part of their admission criteria, and they’re also used by many scholarship programs and financial aid providers to determine your eligibility and tuition award amount.

But taking these tests isn’t easy. They’re challenging, time-consuming, and stressful. They cover a wide range of topics and question types that require you to apply your knowledge, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. They also have strict time limits that put pressure on you to work fast and accurately.

That’s why you need to prep for the SAT and ACT exams.

But not all test prep is created equal.

  • You need a test prep solution that’s effective, engaging, and personalized.
  • You need a test prep solution that can help you learn at your own pace, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and track your progress and performance.
  • You need a test prep solution that teaches you the essential skills and tips for the tests.
  • You need a test prep solution that can provide you with expert guidance and support from experienced instructors and tutors.
Our tutors will give you a proper SAT prep in Boulder, CO and prepare you to ace that test.

Why risk getting mediocre scores on one of the most important tests you’ll ever take?

At Dragonfly we customize a program designed to meet a student’s specific academic needs.

  • No two students are exactly the same, and the Dragonfly Test Prep Program is NOT “one size fits all.”
  • By individualizing student’s programs, we do not waste time teaching information your student already knows, and we do not frustrate them by starting with content that is too advanced.

Students will learn the latest skills and strategies designed to score higher on the SAT® or ACT.

  • We only use the latest test prep materials.
  • We also provide students with additional content material and worksheets to practice key skills and strategies between sessions.

You and your student will enjoy the in-home convenience of Dragonfly.

  • We match students with one of our trained, professional tutors who will travel to your home or a convenient location.
  • You never need to worry about getting your student to an appointment on time again.  We come to you!

Students will enjoy the benefits of consistent, one-to-one instruction.

  • Students will not be part of a class, nor have to endure changing instructors.
  • Students will be matched with the best possible tutor and will work with that tutor exclusively for the duration of the program.

Why take the SAT or ACT exam?

When determining whether your student should take the SAT or ACT test there are multiple facets to think about.  The SAT and the ACT are college entrance exams that may determine whether you can get into the school of your choice, they’re used by some academic advisors to help place new freshmen in appropriate-level classes, they’re used to determine merit-based grants and scholarships, and more.  While some colleges have stopped using these entrance exams, most schools still require them, and the schools that no longer use them may require placement tests for class-level assignments.  All of these items have time and financial benefits associated with them and a well-thought-out plan of action is recommended.


Which exam should my student take, the SAT or ACT?

This is a question that Dragonfly Education has been asked often.  The truth is, it’s difficult to know specifically without taking our cognitive assessment that identifies student strengths and provides specific information for skills used in these tests.  However, we don’t want test preparation to be one of the factors in the decision process, so we now offer unlimited access to both our SAT and ACT test programs until you graduate from high school for one low price!   

In general, the ACT and the SAT cover the same topics.  Changes made to the SAT have made the tests more similar than ever.  Neither test is harder than the other and most colleges do not prefer one test over another.  It comes down to different strengths for different students.  One thing to note is that many schools use these tests in the 11th grade, or junior year, as their academic standards test.  In Colorado, the SAT (and PSAT) test has been chosen as the academic standards test and every student in a public school will have the opportunity to take the test one time at no cost to them.  The test is taken in the spring, usually in April.

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SAT vs. ACT: Which one should I take?

With a Dragonfly Education program, you no longer have to answer this question.  However, some students will still only want to take one of the exams, so we'll try to help you determine an answer.  As the tests are so similar and neither test is harder than the other, this often comes down to personal preference or the test that the state offers in high school. However, many times students will tend to test better on one or the other, so many students study for and take both tests.  This gives students the opportunity to pick which test(s) they'd like to send to their colleges of choice.  Below is an outline of the tests for consideration.

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