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Are You Passionate About Education?

At Dragonfly Education, we’re passionate about education and we strive to make learning fun.  Our tutors are local and experienced educators, college graduates and professionals.  We offer one-on-one tutoring for all ages and all subjects; from elementary school to advanced placement courses in high school, test prep and a variety of other services. If you have these same passions, become a tutor!

Our Culture Makes All The Difference

There are many large and impersonal tutoring companies out there.  We’re not that company.  At Dragonfly, we make matches based on educational needs and personality traits, so there is a strong student and tutor connection.  Our tutors continually assess their student’s unique learning styles to create and modify an educational plan for each student as their needs change.  We learn which building blocks our students are missing and fill in gaps while we help them keep up with their current homework.  We also work hand in hand with schools and teachers to ensure success.

Experience Requirements:

Dragonfly Education selects tutors based on subject area expertise as well as personality and qualifications. This doesn’t mean we only hire teachers to be tutors, but we do require everyone we hire to have experience and extensive knowledge of the subject area they will teach. In order to appropriately match a tutor with a student, each tutor must undergo a detailed evaluation and interview that includes a national background check.

Our Tutors Have:

  • Exceptional motivational skills
  • Enthusiasm and creativity
  • A passion for assisting students
  • A desire to emphasize progress and growth
  • A gift for sharing new skills and strategies

Our Tutors Can Expect:

  • A flexible schedule, creative freedom, and local placement
  • Pre-screened students that fit your expertise and schedule
  • Exceptional support and ongoing access to resources
  • A reliable payment schedule
  • Competitive earnings based on your student, subjects taught, and experience

If this sounds like you and you have a genuine passion for helping students achieve their educational goals with a smile on their faces, we’d love to speak with you!

If you’d like to learn more about tutoring for Dragonfly,

give us a call at 303.960.4486.

Qualifications And Skills Needed To Be Successful In This Position:

  • Access to a reliable vehicle
  • Great communication skills
  • Open to new ideas and learning strategies
  • Good interpersonal/rapport building skills
  • Dependable and responsible
  • Analytical and detail oriented
  • A quick learner
  • Flexibility

If you’re ready to begin tutoring students, click here to apply.

Working as a tutor for Dragonfly Education has been an incredibly rewarding experience... Additionally, Dragonfly Education fosters a professional and supportive environment that enables success for their students and tutors. As a college student juggling multiple responsibilities, the flexibility offered is invaluable. With direct contact to parents, I am able to work around our schedules and coordinate session times that are convenient for everyone. Working to enhance student knowledge and contribute to their academic goals undeniably provides an impactful role in education that I am grateful to be a part of!

Testimonial Item

Ashley Fowler

Tutor, 2023 - 2024

Working for Dragonfly Education has been a fantastic time and experience. Both John and Linda want nothing but the best for their employees. As a student myself, I need to make sure to have enough time to balance my school and work, and being a tutor at Dragonfly Education is the perfect fit!

Testimonial Item

Jason Wise

Tutor, 2022 - 2023

Working at Dragonfly Education offered me the flexibility and independence that I needed as a college student, while always making me feel supported so I could focus on what was best for my students. As a tutor you get to work with students of all different levels, backgrounds, and needs, and it is so rewarding to help them improve their academic and life skills during your time together. I absolutely loved working for Dragonfly Education, and I only left because I graduated and moved away!

Testimonial Item

Maizy Brasher

Tutor (Math, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish), 2019 - 2022


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