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We match your student with their
perfect tutor so you don’t have to.

Dragonfly Education provides one-to-one and small group tutoring and test prep, in your home or online, for students of all ages.  We proudly serve Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and nearby areas.

No one can deny the success of Dragonfly’s tutoring services.

We know that a student learns more quickly when they are matched with a tutor based on both their personality and educational needs.  That’s why we match each student personally with one of our professional, caring and qualified tutors to ensure your child succeeds. 

Our tutors offer the greatest advantage possible for catching up, keeping up, and ultimately helping your student thrive in their academic life.

Dragonfly Tutoring Programs


“I like how personal it is and they care about making the perfect match with your child and tutor.”

– Suzanne F.


We provide support in a wide range of subjects – contact us to learn more!


Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and more…


Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more…

Language Arts

Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and more…

Foreign Languages

Spanish, French, German and more…

Test Prep

ACT, SAT, GED and more…

Executive Skills

Organization, Task Initiation and more…


Business, Finance, Engineering and more…

Adult Education

MS Office, Accounting, Business and more…

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We make tutoring easy, convenient and affordable.

At Dragonfly, our tutors come right to your home. It’s more convenient for parents and children. There’s no wasted time in traffic while driving to a learning center. Sessions are scheduled to fit a family’s busy life.

You don’t have to compromise your own plans or change your daily schedule to obey the rules of a traditional learning center. Because we value your time highly, we provide you with the flexibility that you deserve.

We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate our families lives.

We start with a free consultation. We want to understand your student’s academic needs as well as personality and learning style. Our educational consultant will gather information from you, the school, teachers and other professionals, to create an individualized plan for your student.

We match each student with a tutor based on their academic requirements, personality, learning style, mentoring needs, geography and schedule. Our tutoring services can accommodate any student.

Your tutor will come to your home and tutor according to the goals established at the consultation. Some students decide to have homework help and a recap of concepts taught in school, and some students work on missed building blocks. Most of our parents decide to have a combination of the two.

Session reports will be emailed to you following each tutoring session. These reports help parents stay in tune with how their student is progressing.

Get Ready for the New School Year!

  • Contact us for a free consultation.

  • A comprehensive evaluation will be done to understand the student’s needs.

  • From there, we gauge what kind of learning method or approach to use.

  • Programs are tailored to bring out the best in every student.

  • Because each approach is tailored and customized to fit the student’s needs, learning becomes easier and occurs more quickly.


Contact us for your FREE Consultation!

-  John
Owner of Dragonfly Education

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